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2022 Conference Speaker Presentations

Day 1 - Thursday, March 24

Keynote: Collaborate - Grow - Succeed - with Laughter!

Sarah Routman

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Accessibility Beyond Physical Access - Creating Inclusive Events

Jillian Nelson

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Inclusive Event Planning 2.0: Moving from Practical to Transformational

Katie Battis-Troyer

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Forecasting for the Future; Equipment Rental, Supply Chain, & Labor

Vince Vanella, Sierra Johnson, Jim Bach, Paula Kennedy Smith, Lana Thomas, Shad Gordon

View/download presentation

Case Study: Moving Your Event from Free to Paid Admission

Tom Whelan, Lora Harper

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Day 2 - Friday, March 25

Build a Lifestyle and Business Culture That Works Best for You

Beatrice Adenodi

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View/download Mirror Ink Pros & Cons worksheet

Event Website & Social Media Critique

Nick Borelli

View/download presentation

State of the Industry & Meet the New EMT Director

Lauren Bennett McGinty

View/download presentation

Updating Your Event "Floor Plan"

Meghan Gustafson, Steve Madson, Becky Pierson

View/download presentation

Sustainability for Events

Shelley Villalobos

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