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Job Opening: Minnesota State Fair – Operations Manager

Tuesday, November 19, 2019 4:22 PM | Junia Joseph-Benham

Minnesota State Fair – Operations Manager
(Full-Time, Exempt)


The primary role of the Operations Manager position is to provide coordination of activities in the Plant Management Division including but not limited to Transportation, Health and Safety issues, Purchasing, Planning, Budgets, and Special Projects. To apply, please follow the instructions at the bottom of this posting.

Essential Functions

• Manage planning of activities of full time and seasonal departments.
• Manage a portfolio of projects in capital improvement and maintenance, activities related to fair set up and take down, and general fairgrounds maintenance.
• Prepare division reports, research documents, and contracts.
• Coordinate long- and short-range planning for the department; research new department projects; develop projects and initiate new division programs.
• Prepare documents establishing policies and procedures for the department.
• Provide support to activities for department employees.
• Know industry trends related to the department or division.
• Prepare department budgets and expenditures.
• Respond to comments and concerns with regard to the department or division.
• Understand safety issues related to the division.
• Work environment may include working with hazardous substances heat/cold, noise, unprotected heights, bright/dim lighting and mechanical hazards.
• During peak activity times work extra daily hours and periods with no days off.

• Assist with tasks as assigned by either the immediate supervisor or General Manager.

Required Qualifications

• Bachelor’s degree in business communications or a related area of study; and four years of experience in a related industry; or equivalent combination of education and experience.
• Ability to manage contractors and budgets and coordinate projects with various departments.
• Oral and written communication skills.
• Organizational and interpersonal skills.
• Negotiation skills.
• Computer skills including Microsoft Office Suite
• Valid driver’s license.

To apply, please visit the Minnesota State Fair career portal at:

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